Home Whitening

Home Whitening - Only £199

Home Whitening is a safe and efficient method of lightening the shade of your teeth.
As the name implies, the whitening treatment is performed largely at home.

A common area of confusion is that Home Whitening is somehow inferior to In Surgery Whitening -  this is incorrect. Home Whitening has the potential to achieve excellent results and in fact has exactly the same concentration of peroxide as In Surgery Whitening. 

The procedure commences with impressions (imprints), which are taken by Dr. Patel. The manufacture of the trays takes typically only two to three days, following which, they are given to you, along with detailed written instructions. Dr. Patel will also explain the treatment to you directly. Calibrated pre - whitening photos are taken, against which any future improvement can be assessed.

The completed whitening trays
Approximately a week later, a review appointment is made to assess the improvement of the shade. Calibrated after photographs are taken for our own clinical records and also your peace of mind so that we can assess the exact improvement. 

Advantages of home whitening are:
- Individual teeth can be whitened by varying amounts 
- The overall amount of whitening can be extended by simply buying more whitening syringes. These are relatively inexpensive and can also be bought at Egham Dental Care.
- The whitening can be `topped` in the future should you wish to .
The Shade scale used to measure the before and after shade. Most people start with A3 before whitening but B1/A1 is achievable after whitening 
Home whitening is also economical at only £199. This includes the trays, x4 syringes of the 6% hydrogen peroxide gel (enough for 8 days) and all of the appointments.
Four syringes of the whitening gel included in the kit

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